La Cucina di Luciana

and Tiramisù

Pasta & Dessert

The secrets of
Grandma Fernanda

Any Italian can tell you that the best cooks in Italy are the Grandmas. And my Grandma Fernanda was my teacher and my inspiration in the kitchen. This class is a chance for you to discover all her secrets and learn to cook just like Grandma Fernanda!

Number of participants

Min. 2 – Max. 10
For individual classes ask for a quote


About 7/8 hours including lunch or dinner after the class


€ 190,00 per person up to 4
€ 160,00 per person more than 4

Ask for available dates



The cotton apron of La Cucina di Luciana, the certificate of attendance and the notes with the recipes prepared.


In Via Carrani 22, Zola Predosa (BO) at the B&B Abete Rosso.

What we’ll do

In this class I’ll share with you all the secrets of the kings of Bologna: tortellini. These little pasta squares are famous and appreciated all over the world.

During the class I’ll tell you some anecdotes about the tortellino legend, for example why it’s associated with Venus navel. I’ll teach you the technique of filling, folding and rounding tortellini around a finger – here in Bologna we use the pinky. Then, I’ll show you how to prepare a good meat broth, because tortellini must be served and eaten “in brodo”.

Every time I prepare tortellini I think of my grandmother Fernanda. She was my teacher and gave me the passion for cooking. I spent a lot of hours with her, looking at her hands full of flour that, like magic, made perfect tortellini. She made me repeat tortellino procedure over and over again until the closing was perfect. Preparing tortellini with her has made me an expert, so I’m happy to share with you the secrets of Gradma Fernanda!

We’ll also learn how to prepare an excellent tiramisù, the quintessential Italian dessert, using the traditional recipe.

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