La Cucina di Luciana

The Tagliatelle

Homemade Pasta

Bologna taste

In my homemade pasta class you’ll learn all the secrets of homemade pasta recipe from an original “zdoura”. Zdoura is a dialectal name to define the authentic Bolognese housewives, queens of the kitchen and holders of the secrets of tradition, passed down by mothers and grandmothers.

Number of participants

Min. 2 – Max. 10
For individual classes ask for a quote


About 6 hours including lunch or dinner after the class


€ 190,00 per person up to 4
€ 160,00 per person more than 4

Ask for available dates



The cotton apron of La Cucina di Luciana, the certificate of attendance and the notes with the recipes prepared.


In Via Carrani 22, Zola Predosa (BO) at the B&B Abete Rosso.

What we’ll do

​I’m very proud of my bolognese origins and it’s a pleasure for me to open my home and share with you an experience of total immersion in bolognese tradition. I want you to experience firsthand what cooking in Bologna means.
You’ll smell the scent of fresh eggs, hear the sound of the fork beating on the cutting board, feel the sensations of the flour between your fingers.
Then, you’ll see the dough that takes shape from your hands, incorporating flour and eggs to obtain the proper consistency.
You’ll slide the rolling pin under your hands and see the dough grow and becoming a thin and transparent “sfoglia” (when you show pasta sheet up to the light you have to see your hand through it).

And finally, you’ll enjoy preparing different kinds of pasta: we’ll make together tagliatelle and we’ll prepare the the original ragù bolognese (remember that “spaghetti alla bolognese” don’t exist in Bologna!).

You’ll discover that something magic happens when beef, vegetables, tomato, wine meet themselves in the pot. Ragù bolognese is one of those recipes that grandmothers have handed down for generations, with its sincerity and genuineness, and I am happy to share with you the original recipe of my grandmother Fernanda.

At the end of the lesson there will be lunch or dinner, so we enjoy together the result of our work.

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