La Cucina di Luciana

Pasta, Tortellini
and Tiramisù

Pasta & Dessert

Experience authentic
Bolognese traditions 

Immerse yourself in a cooking class that will make you a real Bolognese chef! Discover the secrets of Tagliatelle and Tortellini with a real Bolognese sfoglina and enjoy a delicious Italian tiramisù. 

Number of participants

Min. 2 – Max. 10
For individual classes ask for a quote


About 7/8 hours including lunch or dinner after the class


€ 190,00 per person up to 4
€ 160,00 per person more than 4

Ask for available dates



The cotton apron of La Cucina di Luciana, the certificate of attendance and the notes with the recipes prepared.


In Via Carrani 22, Zola Predosa (BO) at the B&B Abete Rosso.

What we’ll do

In this class you’ll learn to make the traditional egg based pasta using the rolling pin as a real Bolognese sfoglina. We’ll create together wonderful and perfect pasta starting from eggs and flour. We’ll make also sauces to accompany homemade pasta, like the original and delicious ragù bolognese.
Then, you’ll learn all the secrets of perfect tortellini, as if you were in my Grandma’s kitchen. And in the end, we will prepare the quintessential italian dessert: the original tiramisù, with mascarpone, eggs, savoiardi biscuits and, of course,  a great italian coffee.

In my class, I want to convey my emotions, my passion and my skills with you and I want you to experience real italian cuisine, as if you were cooking with bolognese mums and grandmas. You will be part of my family as you prepare and taste authentic recipes of bolognese tradition, surrounded with a truly Italian welcome. 

Have fun putting your cooking skills to the test, you will be really proud of your work. You’ll amaze your friends and family once home with an Italian meal! 

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