La Cucina di Luciana

Lasagne Bolognesi

Homemade Pasta

Comfort food

In my Lasagne Bolognesi class we’ll prepare them as the women of my family have taught me when I was a child, following the original bolognese recipe.
Lasagna is one of the most satisfying food that exist. It’s a real “comfort food”: it restores the soul and the body, and it has the power to make you feel protected, pampered and satisfied.

Number of participants

Min. 2 – Max. 10
For individual classes ask for a quote


About 7 hours including lunch or dinner after the class


€ 190,00 per person up to 4
€ 160,00 per person more than 4

Ask for available dates



The cotton apron of La Cucina di Luciana, the certificate of attendance and the notes with the recipes prepared.


In Via Carrani 22, Zola Predosa (BO) at the B&B Abete Rosso.

What we’ll do

In Lasagne Bolognesi class you’ll prepare the original lasagna, made up of layers of pasta (classic sfoglia or the green one with spinach), bechamel sauce and, of course, the original ragù bolognese.

Preparing ragù bolognese is an art. I believe that something magic happens when beef, vegetables, tomato, wine meet themselves in the pot. You perceive different smells that change as you add ingredient one by one. Also the noises are different: first you hear the sizzle then the mumble of slow cooking.
When you prepare ragù, you have to keep in mind that the most important ingredient is not a food: it’s time. A well-made ragù needs hours. Fundamental for the success of ragù is to have patience, attention and not to be in a hurry. The long and slow cooking is the only way to get the perfect taste and consistency.

And at the end, when ragù is ready and you can compose your lasagna layer by layer you will be very proud of your work, made with patience and love as bolognesi (and italian) usually do.

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