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Cooking classes

I have a great passion for cooking since I was I child. It has grown with me until I decided to turn it into a job. I hold cooking classes in Bologna for tourists and for everyone who wants to try their hand at the recipes of our Bolognese tradition.

In my homemade cooking classes you have the possibility to prepare original and authentic Bolognese cuisine, working with the recipes that our mothers and grandmothers have handed down for centuries.

You can learn some secrets and improve your knowledge and skills in order to repeat the recipes at home and become a real Bolognese cook!

In my cooking classes in Bologna I want to convey my experience and my passion for cooking. I want to share with all my guests not only my knowledge but also the pleasure of conviviality.
You can take part in an experience which is much more than just a cooking lesson, you have the possibility to spend some enjoyable hours working and then eating surrounded by nature.

In fact, my cooking classes take place at my B&B Abete Rosso, which is in the countryside, on the hills between Casalecchio and Zola Predosa. Here I breed chickens, ducks and bees and I also cultivate a vegetable garden and a small orchard.
A perfect location for my cooking classes in Bologna, in fact we are just a few kilometers away from the center of Bologna.

At the end of each lesson there will be lunch or dinner, so we can enjoy together the result of our work.

With my cooking classes in Bologna you taste the flavors of bolognese traditions that make us famous in the world. Bologna in fact has three curious nicknames:

is known to be “the Learned” for its ancient university, “the Red” for the color of its bricks and “the Fat” for its rich culinary tradition and culture of good food.

It is considered one of the Italian culinary capital for good eating.

What are you waiting for? Book now your cooking class in Bologna!